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I would just like to say I had a private reading with david
 as I lost my mum and dont really know what happen
 david put my mind at rest as my mum come through
 I found it very up lifting  after the reading with david
 and will be going back again for more readings
 and in the end im hopeing that I will get the answers that I need
 also other members of my family came through there was something david told me
 about a poem that I was reading
 but at the time I said no but it wasent till I got home
 that I remembered that I keep reading the poem
 that was read at my mums funeral thank you david for shareing your gift with us

heather xxx

I went to see David Chapman about ten days ago.
He is an incredible gifted medium.
He gave me so much proof relating to my mother,
my adopted mother and my grandmother.
He gave me peace of mind and I would recommend
him to anyone who needs proof and peace of mind.

Sheila Kopkin

I went for a private reading with Dave on Saturday.  Everything that he gave me made sense.  One thing that I was told that a spiritual boy in my flat had put the light on.  It was so true, recently I have noticed when I come home from work that there has been a light on in the flat, so for the last week I have been double checking that the lights are off before I leave the flat.  On Friday evening when I arrived home the hall light was on.  I knew that I wasn't going crazy. It was good to hear from Dave about the boy called Robert - putting the light on to let me know that he was there - how considerate

I was also given information that was for my best friend Eileen, she has been wanting to have a reading but is so busy.  When I told her about what Dave had said, she agreed with everything.  It really gave her comfort to know that her loved ones came through.

When I had my reading, I had tears of joy, just to know that my loved ones are only a thought away from me and are often by my side to give support when I need it.

I could have sat with Dave for the whole afternoon, just listening to the information that he was giving me from spirit and the love that you can feel is unexplainable.  My heart was full of love from spirit and the dark clouds floated away.

If ever I need to be close to my loved ones, I just need to send a thought out and they will return it either in though or sleep state but if I want a lot of family + friends to come through, then I have a private reading which is the best - there is lots people waiting to talk to me that I have forgotten over the year.   It is the best feeling to know that they haven't forgetten you.

Kathy Solomon

I have found David to be very accurate on many points. Very friendly atmosphere.
Had many family members come through David came out with facts that you could not guess which was amazing including the fact of my delayed flight
I would recommend him highly and I’m sure that you will have some friends and family communicate with you.

Kim Cummins

I first met and had a reading with David about 6 months after Mum passed. Mum and I were best friends as well as mother and daughter and I was still distraught after her sudden, unexpected passing.
Within Seconds David told me her name, how she had passed, what she had been like, Mum was relaying things that had happened here since her passing through David and to say I was dumbstruck is an understatement. He was 100% accurate. That day I started smiling again as I now know with every Fibre of my being Mum lives on. Thankyou David so so much.

Hannah carol O'Donovan


I recently went to see David on behalf of my mother who had a problem. Someone who had borrowed a large sum of money off her was refusing to pay her back. Immediately after my reading started, my late father came through and offered his advice. He knew all about my mother's predicament, which I thought was uncanny. David knew my father's name, described what he looked like and also gave me uplifting messages from him. During my reading, David knew all about me and my career situation and offered me clairvoyant information which all happened after my reading.  I shall definitely consult David again. He is an incredibly gifted medium.



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