I found spirit through experience of life, which we all go through.

I'm a healing channel for spirit, a medium, clairvoyant, I work from platform at church services, I do private readings from home by appointment and I do workshops.

Snippets of my life with spirit

I never thought I would believe in the world of spirit,
But how can you tell when you are young, growing up
From the age of eight, or nine, I was this little boy enjoying life
In and out of trouble, like we all were at that age. 

 Knocking on peoples door, and running away, stealing the milk from doorsteps, Scrumping, climbing over fencing’s, building camps within trees, Having fights, getting a bloody nose, and getting one’s ear slapped by one’s Mum. Which did sting I can tell you, moving on along my life 

Around twelve, or thirteen, girls and more girls, but that a chapter for me and my mind?  But what sticks within my mind was saving my friend’s life, well this is what happened we went looking for birds nest’s to collect eggs, we were in an old railway station. 

 Within the roof. Way, way up high. When my friend fell through the cladding within the ceiling, one minute he was there then he was gone, I stayed transfixed for a brief moment. I then  made my way down to where he lay blood was coming out from his nose, ear, and mouth he did not know where he was his eyes seemed glassed, well falling from such a height It was a miracle he was alive.  I don’t now how I managed to get him up, but I sure did and was afraid what  my Mum would do to me, let alone what his father would say I tried not to think of this situation

As we staggered from this place of ruin which looking back seemed to look forbidding a place one should not go in? Stopping Along the streets getting a better grip on Michael heading  towards a row of houses when we reached the door I rang the bell shaking like a leaf, a lady opened the door I told her what had happened she phoned for an ambulance When they arrived the ambulance  man told me that if Michael had  never received help he would have died.

 All in all things worked out ok, instead of a clip around the ear from my mother,  there was praise people would say well done in keeping your nerve, I would like to think it was guidance from spirit now I think of it. Help from those unseen.

 I would like to move forward  to when I was fourteen, an experience which will stay with me throughout eternity, just to place you the reader in the picture, in my younger years of life I never seemed to gel with my Father, so when mum and dad would argue and shout at each other, mum would throw the  dinner at dad always strange never hit him always the wall. Well I can tell you the energy was not good, so I would go around to  Pat who was a friend of mums, in the early days of my life this was around seven onwards, so Pat became like an auntie still I was in contact with  her when I was fourteen. 

This is when I had an encounter. With spirit which can tell you was quite frightening not knowing anything about spirit, I knew Pat when I was at school and Pat had moved around the corner from where my school was, I heard that there had been many disturbances in her place, not of an earthly nature, this was all hearsay, I had also heard that what had been there had gone. 

So I decided to go and see her after school, she opened the door and asked me in, she asked if I wanted a cup of tea I said yes please,   then I asked if that thing had gone, she said it had gone and there was nothing to worry about.    She said to go in the front room and she would bring the tea in then we could have a chat, so I went into the front room while I was waiting Pat’s dog Belinda, was laying underneath the radiogram so peaceful, then all of a sudden the dog’s hair stood on end and she was growling and showing her teeth  staring at the open space by the door, I looked at her and then the open space and then back at her and said to Belinda what’s the matter? And in that instant a glass vase shot across the tallboy which was across the room and smashed against the wall, I sat there it seemed like minutes but it was only seconds, I could not move, I  and eventually got up and went into the kitchen where pat was, and I stammered to Pat ’’’’ttthe ttthing, there’s sssomething in there’’’. 

And in the kitchen on the table was a round biscuit tin, it stood up on it’s end and rolled off the table, my hair was standing on end it must have looked like a Mohican, Pat seemed to be calm, she was used to this thing, she took me back into the front room, I could hear this noise like gnashing of teeth and I said that sounds like dice, and dice fell to my feet, the radiogram came on and went off, objects of all shape and sizes flew around the room, everything had a life of it’s own, I wanted to get out of there quicker than I had gone in, I said to Pat lets get out, lets get out, and to my astonishment an empty milk bottle came up the passage on it's own as we were going out of the door, and as we got outside it smashed against the front door.

Then there was like hail stones hitting the window, from inside there was no cracks or marks on the windows, and Pat kept telling me to calm down, I flew away from there as quick as I could saying I’ll see you .

That was my first encounter with spirit.    

Now I believe experiences are everything for the soul to learn, this is one aspect that my soul learnt, but being a teenager, you’re with your friends and you got to tell them.  When I told them they said I was from the funny farm, and  kept making jokes all in all I was being ridiculed, so I said I would make arrangements for them to go and see Pat.  So after a week I plucked up the courage to go and see her I went to see Pat and ask if it was possible, she told me that the place had been blessed and it had gone, but they could come round if they wanted to, I think it was a Saturday, being with friends you feel stronger than being on your own.

 So when we arrived at Pat’s, she told us to go into the front room, and what surprised me was the chairs were in a line in the front room, we were told to sit within the chairs, they were still laughing under their breath, well I wasn’t, when Pat came up to each one of us and stopped by one of my mates she pointed and said you’re catholic, he said yes, then all hell seemed to break lose a massive noise like a cannon going off, loads of little objects that were on ledges flew around the room and fell on the floor, by now my friends were a bit panicky, an armchair fell over and five of us could not pick it up, one of my mates heard breathing, cutlery was shaking, they did not stay long they were up and out of the door.   They never spoke about it ever again, even when one of them went out with my sister and she asked him what had happened, he would not tell her.

For those, my friends if they are still alive, how do they experience this in there mind do they accept it or do they deny it ever happened, for me life is a continuation, life is a reality, energy you can not destroy.

When the time comes everyone finds the light within

Moving on, age eighteen, married, child on it’s way, a lovely girl,  who we named Barbara, I remember waiting  for the baby to be born, with other fathers smoking in the waiting room, one after the other pacing up and down. Then this nurse came in with a bundle in her hands, she said  Mister Chapman I said yes , she passed this incredible bundle of love to me looking at this little miracle, I was amazed and horrified at same time there was dried blood over her body then in a flash the nurse had taken my daughter back and out of sight, and back to my wife  I was in a daze when my daughter was taken from me. So becoming a father was a stage of my life, I had to grow.  This was a hard time in my life, but I would not change the events of those two years. Yes that the time me and my first wife was together …. Yes to this day I am still in contact with that bundle of love and joy.

Moving on year 21 -22 we all have to expand and grow spiritually
More to the point touched by dancing, because my friend Joseph showed me how to dance, he was from St Lucia. He would come up to my mums we would play records and he showed me how to move with rhythm, twist and turn, and show me different moves with my feet. Joe was in a rhythm and blues band he played bass guitar going to gigs we had some great times in those days 

After my freedom from the experiences of marriage, I started to live again; I loved dancing and would go out with friends to discos, and night clubs, what a time I had life was wonderful. Girls, girls and more …..  But that is personal. But I did meet Maureen who was to be my Wife, later on in my life

Moving on 24-25 

 But sad news painful news, Joe was taken in to hospital and found that he had bone Cancer in his leg, he had treatment for this terrible illness. I went to see him and he was full of laughter and fun, but later along this road, they wanted to take part of his leg away. How heart rending to be in this situation, a brilliant dancer. Well Joe would not let them remove his leg, and eventually he died, this hit me like a bolt of lighting, I prayed, and prayed, to God for Joe to come through this ordeal. But life moves us on; Joseph went to world of spirit, and part of me too. 

Just a view lines, which happened before Joe was taken at age of 21 years, my girlfriend then was Maureen who when I went up to the hospital to see Joe I introduced Maureen and they new each other, then again Joe was loved by all he helped other from all walks of life, and being in a band was well thought of and loved. Gone but not forgotten.

Moving on to around 34- 36.

 Spirit has touched me many times throughout my life showing me the way forward no more so than Maureen (who later in my life became my wife), as she was very spiritually aware and seemed to be the one guiding me to my destination to work with spirit.    I was searching and Maureen showed me the way.  Taking into account I was very upset with the situation of my mother as she became very ill with emphysema, she was in intensive care and they gave her three days to a week to live, I spoke to god and said that if she survived then I would work for spirit, she lived for another two and a half years. 

Let me tell you the story,  They say the last thing to go is the hearing so when my mother was in the hospital we were asked to place our voices on a tape recorder the old fashioned reel to reel so my mother was in intensive care with all the tubes which was frightening in itself, we placed our voices on the tape my brother, sisters, father yet when the microphone came to me my mind went a blank and I disappeared into the bedroom and within three minutes or so I don’t remember how long there was a poem on a piece of paper for my mother.

I still have this poem and I will put it on the poems page for people to read.

 So that was the start of spirit coming very close. After that I was hearing all the time, I could be walking down the road or go into a supermarket I would get poems, I would have to get a pen and write them down, a child came through and gave me a poem about a rainbow, it became an obsession so if I missed a word it did not feel right within, so I got a Dictaphone so I could tape it and get all the words, one day I was at a bus stop and they started to talk to me from spirit so I got out my machine and started talking into it and people where looking at me and started moving away from me.   

I went to a bible school round the corner from where I live and showed them a poem about Jesues  and they loved it until I told them that I was hearing the words, they said I needed to be born again, I said what is born again they said born again to get into heaven so I asked what if someone was crossing the road to be born again within the bible school and they got knocked  by a car where would they go, and they said damnation, I said what about the Chinese they have their own religion they said damnation, so I thought this is not for and left there

I went to a church with Maureen round abbey road we were making the tea and things, they seemed a bit snooty, we stayed for a couple of weeks because I was searching, so I asked the vicar if he would look at my poems he said he would if I dropped them off  during the week then we would discuss them on the Sunday.  I was looking forward to the Sunday, the Sunday arrived and we went back to the vicarage and he said they were rubbish, I told him the words were given to me in my head and he said I should not entertain that, and the poems i showed him where rubbish he said poetry is Keats, Wordsworth, etc, so we left this church feeling  down again and me still searching and dragging Maureen with me. 

Then we  went to a transcendental meditation we were given our mantras, we sat in class in a meditative state, I left my body and went to the corner of the room and I said “ wow how do I get back” and whoosh I was back in my body, I thought I had found myself at last, so we went back there two or three times, and then they started to bring out brochures where you can go to relax, 200, 300 this was not for me.  (By the way I was finding 5 notes and 10 notes on the way to bible school and to the transcendental meditation, or just walking down the road, and each time I would give the money to cancer research. Do we get tested? Yes all the time). 

Still searching when someone mentioned I should go to Rochester Square Spiritualist Temple off of Camden road, so I did, and became part of that energy, light and love a lady called Elsie told me I needed to close down I did not know what that was but they showed me. We sat in our first circle, my first mentor was Anne Blake who taught me and others how to attune ourselves, Maureen and I used to attend on a Monday and we looked forward to it, it was a great experience many wonderful things happened to expand us on our path. We stayed in this circle for two years. Then there was rest, and we were asked to join latter within Michael and Pat Shaw’s circle we stayed in this one for two years as well. Then we ran our own circle for about 18 months from home, and as time elapsed and moved on I ran many different circles at the church, but now we move years on. And time still goes on. 

Spirit gave me the in - site to healing, a gift of love to me is the most important part of growing and given in love helping those who are sick, and unwell through my Healing band from the spirit world I am ever thankful  and humbly grateful for that love  in beining  used as healing channel , so much were you see with your own eyes those recovering from illness and those who are uplifted I thank God the light of spirit for this gift  ( I have many storys of healing which I will tell within the story pages.


And as for the poems that I was told were rubbish I had them published in a book and I dedicated this book to my mum.  

The book is called Inspiration from spirit.

 A couple of lines from the back page.

The images of life portrayed through the spirit of the soul as thoughts flow from the spirit world. 

As my life unfolded I searched for the meaning of life.  After many pathways which one follows, through many aspects of learning and growing, the loss of loved ones and close friends, those parts of life which one accepts.   But when it’s the loss of your mother something clicks within you.

Many more inspiring and eye opening ,storys which unfolded within my life 

One of those was Doris Stokes  Which I will place within the story page later.















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