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I'm looking for your spiritual stories to put on the site 

         Also your  poems as well for others to read 

           Love and light David

Let me know what you think of this site x

today news

poem for Mankind

                            The thread unseen                29-3-20

In this war, this age, this year

Where death unfolds

War without weapon’s

That mankind has known

Dark threads of tentacles, creep unseen

As a dark shadow descending, absorbing within

Attacking, attaching to the fibres of our being


Causes pain, suffering and also death

With this terrible invisible virus

That’s depleting the world

Attacking the threads of life


The world of nature is in blooms of colours

Petrels stretching like lazy yawns

In the morning ray of sun

Trees rise into the heavens

 With buds on branches

 Which are ready to spring forth

Squirrels dance and play running up and down the trees

Birds flit from branch, to branch

Singing the chorus of love

Natures unaffected by this deadly virus


As the world demonstrates solidarity

 In fighting this deadly virus

Mankind will overcome

As we unify in love, compassion

In the face of this invisible foe  


We ask we pray to the light of spirit

For healing strength and unity of mankind

In these difficult time

Doris stokes


The first I new of Doris, was when I entered a competition

Which was in a woman’s magazine? They were asking people to write about there experiences, with ghosts (spirits) and those which were picked would win tickets to see Doris at the barbican theatre.

So after writing about my experience when I was fourteen  I sent this story of to the magazine thinking nothing of this, around two weeks later  a letter come through the post, when I opened it there was these ticket to see Doris Stokes at the Barbican. Wow could not believe it but three in my hands was these tickets…

So this medium called Doris Stokes well known is this movement I am now going to see.

Well I was like a little Kid who won the sweet jar, I had to tell my mentor circle leader Ann Blake about this event I had  won Ann said to me you will enjoy and learn from this event the workings of spirit, well I sure did this lady connected to spirit with uplifting messages of love. And touched many people’s souls that evening,

When there was a intermission, they ask if anyone has a question to ask Doris if so come to side of the stage, and when Doris comes back on the stage she will try to answer your questions. Well I decided to go up and stand in the queue. A security man came along the queue asking each of us what we were going to ask Dories, some of the people where asking the some questions and were ask to go back to their seats. When they came to me I told them what I would ask her they that’s fine so I stood in the queue waiting very nervous wanting  to sit down , but there I was going to talk to this lady.

Check out u-tube Doris at the barbican 1968( segment 8-10)

Looking back on this time and events, and this lovely lady who helped the bereaved in know life is a continues.  Doris walked in love of spirit she had a special connection with spirit children.

So my story goes like this.

But first I must thank the world of light for opening all the doors for me for what I’m about to tell you

I worked in St Johns Wood  I always had the radio on with music playing  when over the radio came announcement  Doris Stokes the medium had been taken in to the Human Hospital  I was shocked to here this and decided to go and see her in the hospital in my dinner hour. So I bought a card and some flowers and went to see her, there are two parts to this hospital I walked up to the reception desk and asked the person to see Doris stokes he replied there is no Doris Stokes here, he said there is a Doris Fisher. I said yes Doris Fisher he replied  but not this part of the hospital the other part next to Lords cricket ground ask in there. Which I did they said second floor turn left your see the door

(No one seemed to stop me going up to see Doris??)

 As one could not get close to Doris without seeing a security man around her, up I went outside her hospital door where some lovely bouquet flowers lay all around, there I was standing outside with this small bunch of dropping flowers and not knowing what to do with them when the door opened and the nurse said Ho are they Doris I said yes, she said you better come and give them to her and so I did and told Doris God can’t take you have to much work to do, she said la-vie 
I will work from spirit and will work with children.

The next day Doris passed away, this to me was a sad day for the world. But spirit opened all the doors for me to see her before she journeyed to the world of light.

Then there became the news papers with stories of where has all her money gone is in overseas, is it investments and stories about been a fake medium and more rubbish as what  paper write about, well naturally Doris picture was plastered in all the newspapers

All negative thoughts know good thoughts about this wonderful medium who gave so much love and comfort to others

Now I will tell you a story which will lift you all

I was flipping through the Psychic news, after a service at the church when I came across a article about Doris, the story goes like this a young girl who was in coma with her mother sitting on the bed, when all of sudden the little girl come out of this coma and said to her mother  a lady in white helped her. Well the mother did not say anything she was just pleased to have her daughter back, then the girl turned around and saw the picture in the paper of Doris Stokes, she said that’s the lady in white …..   


I am reminded how Spirit are incredible, they let you know that they are around, even when you are on holiday, 
by showing the love of all life within this world  This is what happened; 

I’m away for Christmas walking along the beach in Antigua, enjoying the waves lapping on the shore around my ankles,
When along, on the beach, there was this fish laying there flapping around. People where just walking by,
oblivious to this distressed fish. I went over, and picked it up, and walked into the sea, to let it go,
but it lay on its side going around in circles. Every time I touched this fish (let’s call it Fred)

It swam away going deep down within the sea then thinking Fred has made it out to the open sea.
Fred starts to rise to the surface again swimming in circles  So again I swam out to Fred, trying to help him
touching his side of he went again I waited for him to come to the service but he did not so I thanked the world of light
For the healing which was sent to Fred. On the way up to the beach Kathy my girlfriend was walking along the sand,
so I explained to her what happened?  With Fred. And Kathy wanted to see where this took place along the beach, 
so I showed her, would you believe it there was Fred in trouble again going once more in circles, further out from when I left him

 Kathy and I went to the rescue as Kathy came near Fred she started to give it reiki healing
by placing her hands in the sea near Fred  as he swam in  circles I was surprised how close he keeps come towards Kathy hands

he Continued to swim in circles but slowing down when coming to Kathy's hand, this lasted a minute or two
Still circling then disappearing beneath the sea we waited for him to surface, Fred did not
Then when we were about to swim back to shore  Fred under the water  brushed up against Kathy's arm frightening her
Then he was gone beneath the waves, Kath thinks he was saying good bye,
At least Fred did not end up on the beach again.

banyan retreat


The physical medium was David Thompson.
He was tied to a chair, gagged,

He wore a jumper button down the front
He and the room was checked by two new people from the
Those who attended the séance.

What a wonderful experiences, by the way when the séance
was over  and the lights went on. David was still tied up
and gagged then had to be cut free 
( and his button jumper he was wearing was back to front.. ?)


We went to the banyan retreat and had a wonderful experience
With intercommunication of spirit how incredible this was.
Within this controlled environment

Spirit manifest and spoke to all of us there,which was brillinat.
trumpets with the energy of spirit were sent flying through the air,
which we could all see dancing, spinning, standing still in mid air,
also dancing to rhythm of the music.

Question where asked from people and answers where give from a soul called William 
from the world spirit (which was alighting to hear)
There was laughter and joy from those who came from the world of spirit 
to inter- react with us all specially this energy called Timmy says he was only 9
when he passed away had us in stitches of laughter with his comments
about us and life on earth.

What was interesting was someone said to
Timmy do you go to school within the world of spirit
His reply what miss why would I want to go to school…?

Timmy replied we have a place we call the hall of learning
But it has no walls  a place where people’s  thought vibration
is drawn in which is everywhere I just go there sit and if I want  to learn about horse cart
and I let the thoughts  flow into my mind, then miss I know all about theirs is to know
about horse and carts.




Walthamstow CHURCH


Thank you all at Watford church for the candle wax
Which was saved for me, two lovely bags full?
Bless you I will make a candle for the church,
Please continue saving them for me.                                          

What a lovely service we all embraced, I thank spirit for there love
The energy flowed with laughter, and uplifting messages from the world of spirit



17 Aug     Brighton      

Last Sunday after the service at East Corydon
Which went well I thank spirit for there love,

So decided to go to Brighton which was only a few stops on  
Me and my girlfriend Kathy was at Brighton which was lovely
Enjoying the scenery, sitting on the beach
And decided to take some photos
As one’s does   

When we looked at them one picture
Showed a lovely image of an orb
Well to me I believe this to be…?

When you enlarge the picture there is defiantly
A face within in this orb …???

But have a look see what you think of this.
I will place two pictures on there

 Spirit is magic lifting us up all the time.


Also went to Brighton spiritualist church,
We received a message from the medium

Which was lovely and uplifting?


…….Check out the photo page…..


special day.

What a lovely day, seeing my brother and Cathie getting married,
I know that those from the world of spirit were there
On this special day how wonderful, also meeting up with family.
I had not seen for a long time,
It seems always on weddings, or funerals we get together

Why because love is bonding, from one realm to the next. 

Take a look at this photo on the photo page.





just would like to tell you all
I found that mediation a great soothing way
To connected with the world of spirit
So much love surrounds us, lifts us, with the energy’s
Which come to help us expand our minds?

But there are times when the world of matter
Pulls us down, and we find it hard to mediate
Because of work, bills, arguments with others
No matter how we try, everyday things come in to the mind…

I found a way around this in been creative you are stimulating
Your mind. So find something which helps you to grow
It could be writing, painting, taking photos of nature or
Anything which lifts you within.

Me I found making candles lifts me.
So when I serve the world of spirit
I am now asking the churches to save
The remnants of there candles.

I  made some tell me what you think ….


Wahoo take a look at this photo…??


 I was at East Croydon church on Sun 6th in the evening serving the church
the service went well I thank spirit for there love where messages flowed. 
I was there talking to people after the service as they went away lifted 
by the love of spirit how wonderful is that,
my girlfriend came with me which was lovely.

When everyone had gone there merry way my girlfriend Cathy
Was talking to the chair person,about some personal things
so there where words to be spoken, I ask if you would want me
to leave the room, yes was the reply. So I said I will sit in the church,
there was a nice energy in here.

I was sitting there with my eyes closed, I decided to close down
as I finished closing  down  spirit impressed me to take photos’ 
in the dark within the church. Well about five or six photos I took
in the different parts of the church

All were normal but one  which had an image of spirit 
and what a picture…. I keep looking at this image and to me
there looks like a face within this photo

 I did say to the chair person who name escapes me

That I have taken some photos in the dark was this ok yes that's ok .


Take a look at this photo on the photo page.

St Albans church


I use to serve St Albans a few years ago,
And enjoyed going to this church  
But for some reason we lost contact

But I received a phone call to ask if I would serve
St Albans church recently and I said yes I would love to
New people are now in charge.

Do come and visit this church I had such a lovely
Uplifting experience and you are welcomed with love
How wonderful is that

Messages from the spirit world flowed with laughter,
Tears, and joy thank you spirit blessing always  
What a lovely church and the energies where flowing
Through everyone

 Thank you for asking me to serve, this night
With the light of spirit, within your church.  

Eiffel tower Paris

I had the amazing experience when I and my girlfriend went to Paris,

We went to Eiffel Tower a monument to be hold, this massive construction,
takes your breath away. Stretching up to the heavens, just looking at this image
reminds me of Marciano set.. if you seen this Tower you would know what I mean.

 We even went right to the top of Eiffel tower; I must say I was shaking from head to feet
as we went up within the lift rising higher, and higher, and higher
I thought that it would never stop… panic went through my mind.

Cathy calmed me down but I still wanted to leave the lift,
when the doors opened you guessed I was first off.
Strange that when I left the lift I was ok, the view was mind blowing;
walking around the top taking photos will stay with me forever.

 By the way coming down was not bad at all, I quite enjoyed it,
it’s the going up I did not like ….

 If you go to Paris make sure you visit the Tower,
even go up this incredible structure your be amazed.  

Check out the photos on the website .


 I have to tell you all, about this lovely experience which I had.

 But first let me tell you how spirit helps us, and lifts us.
I was working in a service, for the love of spirit.
The energy flowed with messages of love and upliftment.
Some of the sitters who were in the service, used to go to

Rochester Sq Spiritualist Temple

(Maureen's my wife who is in the world of spirit people who knew her)

 We will call my wife M for now.

 By the way I still have not seen my wife M and it’s been four years that
she has passed  away on Valentines Day.
I have heard her, also M moved some papers within the bedroom,
and I felt her kiss me, but never seen her Sigh…..

Read this wonderful story how spirit help us when down

story on the story page ...............................................................???



Wow going to Paris was eye opening for me. I thank my girlfriend for these experiences.
There are so many different things to see, even the shop windows where stunning in there displays,
and colours. So much work that went into one window alone if you can imagine a motorbike
within a shop window, dressed up with wings coming out in an array shards of colours.
On the sides with the back ground scene with colours which lift this bike,
making look from one’s eyes as if flying through the air so, so magical.


There was one shop that attracted me, was a chocolate shop,
no it was not the chocolates that drew me, but the colours within the visual make up
so vibrant in different blues. What struck me were they where like healing energies,
absorbing one within how lovely one could drew on these colures to lift one.

Everyone wants to see the Eiffel Tower, and that included me  

 Here my thoughts on this rising structure 

coming around the corner from the  Trocadero, and seeing the structure
stopped me in my tracks Wow... i was 

The Eiffel Tower you just can’t imaging seeing this monument it was mind blowing,
Where ever you are within Paris, you can see this sight from any distance, 
But seeing this close up made my jaw drop to the floor I was gob smacked,
knocked sidewise in the size of the Eiffel Tower. Standing under it looking up
at the work that went in to this incredible site, made me look small,
even the cars going around this statue looked tiny.
It’s something that I will treasure within myself, this image of steel awesome structure.

Will place photos on photo page have a look…       


Sand Bay Leisure Result


What a lovely time we had in Sand Bay.  So many different classes going on
So much learning and interactive events it was Brill………

 Me and my girlfriend  where looking for the crystal healing class and was running late,
so we decided to take a short cut through the different rooms what a mistake ?...
We landed smack in the middle of a different class.

Well this class opened up our eyes we where so intrigued, for this class is about the Frank machine.
A device which portrays the voices of spirit through white noise
 You see spirit leave there voice on this machine

(When one ask a question to spirit, a voice can be heard back)
We where ask to take photos within this class, because some times orbs would appear
I took a few photos nothing was on them only normal shame.
But one of the ladies had a spirit form around the demonstrator who is a medium

Name of Mike Kingscote. I’m going to place this picture on the photo page do have a look …….  


It was lovely meeting others mediums that I have not seen for a long time
Catching up with the news of life and having a laugh as well was great
Meeting new people as well, so many people of same mind loved this event
Got to book for next year this is a must  

 I went for a rest and I was not disappointed with the this event
We where entertained with cabaret and dancing, then later we danced the night away
I want to thank Derek Robinson and family and friends

For a break so needed for many of us all.  


Hope all of you had a lovely Christmas and wishing you a happy new-year

I just like to say if you ever get a chance to go to Egypt.
head for the Valley of the Kings, its mind blowing to see this structure.
Standing next such history touches you within.
Thousands of years old still standing in it’s magnitude of glory the tomes.

 Going inside these structures makes one so small within this vastness of tunnels
which formed these burial grounds, with such details of pictures which tell the story
of these kings, who ruled Egypt and the Hieroglyphic displayed all over the walls
is incredible. This is a place of spiritual 

 I will be placing  some of these pictures on the photo page for you to see … Enjoy


Hornsey Church

Wow what a night of uplifting love from the realms of spirit
I was at Hornsey Church last night, the energy was flowing
it was electric. Messages of love, warmth, and laughter,
lifted to very rafters of the church.

 The church was full to the brim; light of spirit was everywhere
the congregation was united as one.
Everyone was enjoying this love which emanated from the realms of light.

 It was moving to some, to others uplifting, and emotional,
To each and all of those people who received a message,
For me I will never forget the energies
Which flowed, the love of spirit I humble thank always
In helping others to touch that essence of spirit

 Such warmth and love from everyone after the service,
how lovely. And to meet Michael was brilliant have not seen him
in a long while.  I & Maureen used to go to pat & Michael circle great times,
so nice to see him at the church


What a night for the love of spirit, thank you all at Hornsey

I decided to place this chart on the this page
Because so many people I have come into contact with 
Keep asking me about the chakras so I thought ok

So here you are friends  xxx

So many people talk to me about love & pain 
Let light lift them and strengthen them along there path
Let sorrow be of the past 

Love can hurt

 Why is it we reach and touch & hold so tight?
Never wanting to let go entwined as one
We feel the breath on each other in the rhythm of love

 Our minds unite with thoughts which we share
In laughter & sadness yet every time we get close
There is a tearing of my heart as you pull away once again……?

 A void which you leave me in, a void left with inside me….?


 Love touches us carries us to heights
Which we can experience
Love can also crush us…..?
Break one in tiny pieces
Shattered and disillusion as the heart becomes dust?

 But only the light of spirit can truly lift us

For love is the meaning of the soul

In giving & helping for those in the spirit realms

Who come back with messages of love?



Watford Church

New energies new life for this church

But when I went there last week to serve
I had a lovely surprise Ian, from carpenters park was there
A another place I love to go where love

Spreads like a prickly heat lifting one in love

 And also at Watford Sandy who is a lovely medium

Who also is now part of Watford Church (how magic is that?)

With these energies and others I’m sure spirit will lift them and the church
will grow in strength spirits light will continue to be with you

 We met Sandy & bill at Rochester Sq Temple
Lovely people M always enjoyed there energy and company.

They always had time Maureen I thank them
And there spirit guides and the healing which was given to Maureen 
bless you both.


Do come and support this wonderful church   ( check out there website )


Harrow On The Hill     11-4-12

New Church

I would like to tell you friends about a church I went to last night,
a new one to me called Harrow on the hill. 

When I found where this Church was I wondered
If this was a doctor who box? because outside to me
Harrow on the hill look small until you go inside its BIG
And also the rostrum was long and deep

It felt strange sitting up there, in one corner and the chair
sitting in the other and the distances between us
and the congregation and me everything seemed distant. Help! 

But so, so much loved emanated from everyone

I came of the rostrum and worked with the light
of spirit from the floor 

I had butterflies in my stomach strange but it’s true,
but they soon faded as spirit took control with the messages
which flowed with laughter  and love.     

What a lovely atmosphere the energy was uplifting,
 And spirit was buzzing with so much energy

All those who are involved with this lovely church
made me feel so welcomed. Thank you x 

I thank all those in the world of light who came to help uplift
Those in need blessing always.    


Clapham Church  7-4-12

I would like to tell you about a church which I served at last night,
the energy was uplifting from the realms of spirit. 
The messages were flowing everyone was enjoying the love
from thier loved ones within the spirit realms.

There was laughter and joy within this service,
there was some names which could not be accepted by one or two people.
But that’s me getting carried away on this occasion, 
not spirit they are always right.

There was someone I was looking forward to seeing who was suppose to come
but never turned up never mind. The service was very good.
Spirit is the light of love and truly spirit was glowing,
I thank the world of spirit for thier love always in using me as a channel.

Well after the service I ask if I could take some photos,
as some times there are orbs within the pictures, they said that this was ok.

Well take a look yourselves friends on the photos page in this website WOW……..

Sadness this day    23-3-12

Sadness forms within my eyes, having to go to the funeral
 of my Nephew  Who is only 22 years old.
 I find it difficult to understand when a life is tragically taken
The mind of an individual only truly knows why?

 Those around can be in the dark about what’s happening
 There can be pain that one is feeling inside
 Which does not register outward?
There’s also the heart where love can make people do strange things?
You can break a person with emotions, there’s joy and laughter, and sadness
Within life, there’s pressure of different levels which we must or try to overcome
 But sometimes the weight of bearing such is too much…?

 I believe there is a connection, to all these things
Which can trigger the mind in a split second to this fatal dicision seen? 

 But the true pain is with those now left here who have the emotional ties  
And the scars within of the memories of that fatal vision ….    


31st October 1989 ~ 17th March 2012 


Daniel Mendel


Houghton Regis     1-3-12


First of all I like to thank Carol who picks me up at Luton station.

To take me onwards to the centre for the service,
she to me is an Angel without wings, but some times I wonder Thou?
Carol seems to get lost in which road to take … but she glows with love for others.
Carol is an  Angel xxx


I like to tell you about this evenings service, the energy was uplifting
and the world of spirit, was full of love and laughter with messages
which flowed to the congregation which was accepted, and rejected,
until more Information came through from those in the world of spirit.
Then you would get an Oh yes now I remember, this would bring laughter
from everyone,

this evening was specia,l we where flowing with the love of spirit.
I even had a wonderful elderly lady, who was  bantering with me
with the evidence of her love one’s who came through bless her,
I loved her energy, and of all those of her loved ones in the world
of spirit God bless them all.


The service went so quick I could not believe this…
(They say there is no time in spirit,)
well there was no time here everything seemed to stand still.
What an uplifting service, yet there was more to come from the world of light …..


 After we closed the service, then we had the raffle and we started to calm down,
I was drinking my tea and a lady came over and asked if I would serve
Milton Keynes church, I said I would she took one of my cards
and said she would be in touch.How lovely I serve spirit
whereve  they ask me to go. 

” I know I said anywhere I don’t mean the moon not just yet ….?” 

Now as I sipped my tea, a chap came up to me and sat down next to me,
he said his name was Steve, he shook my hand, and began to tell me
he has just started to see spirit once again.  Steve said “When you stood up
to do the service there was a huge massive blue ball of light above your head.
Which I thought was your Aura, but when you moved from that spot,
this light stayed there then followed you”. I said to Steve wow thanks 
I love feed back like this

By the way I never met this chap before. He said hang on there’s more,
now I’m glued to his conversation. Within this blue light was a face of a lady,
with short black hair, and she was black,

 (I said well that’s my wife you’ve seen. Thank you very much).

 The World of spirit never let’s us down,
The shower of sprinkling love is always there,
Thank you spirit and all those within this centre this night
Your energy brought my wife through thanks a million.





Well once again the date is 14 February

Valentines Day, M’s day


I decided I would celebrate M passing with mediation, and light a candle.
Then later play some music we used to dance to 

Within the mediation I felt the love of spirit around me
someone kiss me on the cheek… how lovely

(Could have been M)

There where many energies around me I said my prayers
All went well such peace and love it was so uplifting.


Dance, dance, dance the music was pumping the room was full of uplifting light
I was bogeying along the floor. From 8pm tell 10.30pm
all the songs we used two dance along to brill……

 I was even having a slow dance with m with my arm out stretched, just like in the film black beards ghost…?

I did get carried way with sounds of the past turning the volume up dancing all about and having a few drinks. When the bell rang I said yes
it was my next door neighbour

Named Tony asking me to turn down the music,
I said its Maureen’s anniversary of her passing. He said leave the volume its ok


So M and I danced the night away


Spirit is so close like warmth which touches your very soul




 It’s the way of the world; people seem to be immersed in there Own wants
not thinking of what one has given.

 There was a committee meeting down the Church recently about the picture of M
The results were; as there were no other pictures of former presidents on the church walls, M picture would not go up…. 

Instead there will be a book with pictures of her and former presidents

Well what can one say?


M (Maureen) gave a lot of love to everyone she came into contact with, support and love,
Spiritual upliftment to others she was unselfish and kind.

M was the president of Rochester Sq Temple for many years,
She is missed by many and still is after two years.
People have seen M down the Temple they have sensed her around them when down the Church
they even seen M standing at the main door welcoming  the people in, how lovely,
this was her life and part of her soul, still resides within  Rochester Sq Temple.

 So why is it they won’t hang a picture up on the wall of the church for M
This is sad and undignified for all Maureen did was giving out love, and is still doing to this today.
I know Maureen would not worry about such a thing,
but I do and many of the people I speak to are also upset as well.

Maybe before my journey home to the realms of light begins
her picture will be placed where it always should be on the Church wall.

 I must try and calm myself. And know in the world of spirit hangs a picture of Maureen in a ray of light.


This is the picture of M

Acton Church 

What an uplifting service last night at Acton church,
Spirit was so electric there were joy, laughter, love and light
From those within the world of spirit

The energy was tingling throughout the service
As the messages flowed the evening was wonderful
When spirit went to one of the ladies within the congregations
Who had a received a message, she started to cry,
 Another raised the roof by making everyone laugh

 The night was magic with the love of spirit, I thank all who attended
And those from the world of spirit always   

Merry Christmas & Happy New-year to all those who lifted the energy within the church

  everyone make one feel at home at Acton  how lovely   



It very strange we had all that lovely weather, where the rays of the sun shone which was great,

 Now we have rain, storms, high winds, and its cold …?
Never mind we are still healthy in body and mind
Talking about the weather I keep looking out for a rainbow
Over this period of three weeks saying to myself where are you?
There’s got to be one ….?

Well I was in the workshop in the school when the sky darken and the heavens opened up, it rained for a few minutes, then the clouds brightened  and the old current bun came out

 I said out loud as I pointed in the sky God show me a rainbow
My colleague who was with name J J could not believe it when it appeared  exactly  where I was pointing, then I asked show me a double rainbow believe me it appeared …………


I was stunned, gob smacked   

It always makes me feel humble when spirit shows us love 

Let me explain

Life moves on from one realm to the next, even when one forgets
Within this world of matter

Through the events of the days, we get pulled down
because of our jobs, bills to pay and many other things. 

We forget the love of spirit,

 That’s why it’s important to find time to meditate
To reach within and surrounded yourself in the love of spirit
To know you are more then flesh and bone
You are the light of your soul you are spirit

 Maybe I am going on a bit

 So back to the story I went to visit our next door neighbour
Who is in a hospice Loraine is her name, 
she had not eating for six weeks

 And we shall say is not well at all. I gave her healing
but everything in God’s hands

 We talked about everyday things and the work which
will be going on within our flats when the council
put in new kitchen and bathrooms, 
then Loraine told me about a dream, which was so real,
about friend who recently passed away She said to me
it was his voice so clear and peaceful, talking to her 

Then Loraine said the nurse came in woke her up,
which broke the dream, also she dreamed
of her sister’s mother-in-law

Who has passed to the world of spirit?       

There we are shown once again the love of spirit
We cannot die we can only live on  

God touches us


I would like to tell you when one feel’s down inside how
the light of spirit can lift you. It was about four weeks ago, just
before the bank holiday, I was looking forward to break,
to get away from work having a rest from everything.

We finished on Wednesday ,so I thought if it’s nice on Thursday
and if the sun is out I would go over the heath lay on the grass near
the water’s edge splash some sun cream on me and just relax
and take in the scene,

well I woke Thursday morning looked out and it was a beautiful day,
feeling Grotty and not wanting to get a move on deciding whether
to go back to bed,but then I thought no I’m going to go up
to Hampstead Heath

 With this new energy flowing through me I set out for the heath,
reaching my destination and seeing so many people heading to this area,
the Heath, Just like loads of bees rushing to the honey pots lovely energy

 Arranging my self with my blanket on the grass looking out at the water
feeling so comfortable and at peace, and with the warmth of the rays of sun,
hang on must put the sun cream on  my skin stop me from burning.
After maybe ten minutes I must of fell asleep, you know what it’s like
when you wake up looking for your water, me, I was looking
for the opener for my beer, after my drink of lovely cool beer I just
looked out at this view and was struck by God’s love and spirit's
energy that lay before me,

 The water was rippling by the breeze, which glittered as a thousand diamonds
reflecting across the water. There were ducks of different size’s and colour,
all mingling together, which made me wish mankind could learn something
from this, deeper I looked at this view before me there where Geese flying in
to land on the water leaving a wake in their path, there where fish braking
the surface causing ripples, there where willow trees in  the distance by
the banks dipping low and brushing the water.

So much of nature where spirit shows us the love and upliftment

We sometimes do not see. There was a swan of white gliding along effortlessly,
with their neck held proud as if one was royalty moving  their neck from side to side,
how lovely, then I remembered someone told me They mate for life,
this made me think when we lose someone how sad one can be, yet we still get on
with life and carry on. As this swan of white is a vision to be hold.

As this image draw close to the waters edge people come down towards the bank
and threw bread in the water which this vision of love gladly excepts,
as this swan of white moves away from they waters edge the people
start to disappear, fading into the background.

Isn’t the light and the energy of spirit wonderful, so uplifted was my soul

 So when Friday came along I decided I will go up the heath, same place,
and take in this energy I was like someone who had found some sweeties
that where lost. But arriving at the same location sitting down
on my blanket looking out at this scène before me I could not feel
the same as before

Believe me everything was as Thursday but it was not same within me

Thursday God touched me ……




Love Flows


The way that spirit show us love is unbelievably

I was heading towards a church service on Sunday 6.30pm at Morden
and with the trains running late through delays well
I needed not tell you. Yes I was late

 But spirit have there way of helping us all
I kept thinking all will be well maybe someone will take the service
As my train charged on through the tunnel stop after stop 

 At last my train ARRIVED AT Morden station, rushing out running
along the pavement trying to get my breath, looking at my watch
with the church in sight  the time now was five to seven
noticing the church person standing outside I started waving my hand in the air
like a lunatic, catching her gaze. She said when I reached her,
that why they were waiting for me they started the service   they sang a song,
talked about Angels, how they help us along our path. How lovely is that
waited for me? I thank spirit for there love, And for those who waited
for me to do the service.

 When I went into the church there were so many people the energy was electric
For reasons which spirit knows my voice nearly deserted me it became a whisper
Until I placed a man called Charlie, who had chest problems
my voice came back! The service was strange but the love of those who came
through from the realms of spirit uplifted the people there within
the service how lovely.

 To me I was overwhelmed with the love of the congregation
I will always remember this with in my heart
Blessing to the world of spirit

And to Morden church xxxxx



With the Angels of light

I would like to tell you of an energy called Edna, who was a caring and loving soul

Edna would shower you with uplifting love, when you were at the centre
which was called (Cheshir Hall in Hendon.) 
which Edna and Eddie run with warmth and love?

When I served there for spirit, I was always welcomed with a kiss, and a hug
so much warmth from all around the people, even those who are new
soon become part of this energy of love. The service was always electric.


This lady would have time to talk to you, and the many who did share
thier problems soon become family, the word that describes Edna is a spiritual
light of love

When I was having a scan on my head, which I told Edna about
when I was at Cheshir hall. This lady phoned me to see if everything was O’K
which touched me. And she said she would send me healing,
Edna phoned yet again to see how  I was what a
lovely lady.
I will miss this energy very much like many others will

But I will have those memories forever of a hug and kiss
of this carrying light of love.


Angels now gather

 Out of pain out of suffering
On a journey which unfolds
In the light which beckons you home
Where now the light of God is found

So many you helped welcome you there
As the Angel’s stand in the light that’s formed
To welcome you home
There’s friends and love ones
In a hue of colours which vibrate in love

We will miss that smiling face
We will miss your loving grace

I will miss you

This touched my heart


After losing his parents, the three year old orang-utan was so depressed
 he wouldn’t eat and don’t respond to any medical treatment.
The vet thought he would surly die from sadness.

 At the same time keepers found an old sick dog on the grounds
In the park at the zoo and took him to the animal treatment centre.
The dog arrived at the same time the orang-utan was there being treated. 
The two lost souls met and have been inseparable ever since.

 The orang-utan found a new reason to live and both try their best
to be a good companion to each other. They are together 24 hours a day in all activates.

 They live in Northern California where swimming is their favourite pastime,
although Roscoe (Orang-utan) is a little afraid of the water and needs his friend Sammy to swim.
Together they discovered the joy and laughter in life and the value of friendship.
They found more than a friendly shoulder to learn on.


Long live friendship

 Some say life is too short, others say it to long, but nothing we do make sense,
if we don’t touch the hearts of others….. while it last.


Just to let you all know, I had the result from my scan… all is clear; I do have a brain wonders will never cease.
I would like to thank all those who sent me healing thoughts bless you xx

 I am still getting pains in my head; and humming in my ears. I think there is an orchestra playing in there
I ask them to vacate and find a new venue have you  seen an orchestra 
there be  packing  up there for ages I have to give them a kick up the French horn.

 We are now working on the sinus my little nose well big nose. See if there’s a problem within there.

Will let you know what happens in next chapter

Looking forward to the New Year and continue the work of spirit

Strange how people see things in there understanding
of the way life which unfolds,


I like to think the way forward is finding oneself within
where the light of spirit is found this just does not happen over night.
It is as time which moves along within this world
like the hands on a clock.

Through sadness of a lost, or where one reflects through a near death experience,
as the hands on the clock stopped.

Some people see the lights an a tunnel with sustaining lights  flickering around them
as they journey towards the realms of spirit
towards the end of the tunnel a bright light
Then after this encounter they journey back like a magnet pulling them back
towards the Earth plane. Then the clock starts once again

Tick tick tick ?

Then start’s again with a different vision on life
the soul has been touched and growth begins.
There becomes a wanting to know more
then in time to help others with Gods love

 Life has meaning, and purpose, many have been touched
many do the work of love
healing light from the realms of spirit

Have you seen the light
if so you’re light will spread to others
God’s seed is you the light of spirit?

Thank you all who have sent me healing, I am very touched, by those who phone me
Who are so worried and some times crying, I’m ok I am just waiting on the result of the CT scan

Im still doing the work of love, and will always

 Love is a very special energy, which flow from one another
God’s love flows through each and every one of you
Because you are special to me bless you all
Send your healing to the world


 Please continue sending your healing thoughts  xxx

I'm OK xxxxx


Scan date 27 Oct   Time 8.30am  

 Please send your healing thoughts

 Life is strange the work of love is helping others, when the light of spirit calls
We should remember we are the light and seed of God;
some times we forget and get pulled down in the material world.

 But we seemed to know some where along the line, when we are in pain,
we start to look within for the help and guidance once again.I’m not worried
about passing, to the world of spirit, like many people.

But it’s the way one goes like my Wife and many others with the
dreadful disease called Cancer But life is unfolding and growing,
life is important for the soul.

 So with me when I go for my C.T- scan on my head, I will be thinking of the love
which will flow from the realms of spirit, and those upon the earth plane
who are sending thoughts of love, how nice

 Maybe they might find my brain or an empty head with a sign vacant
Please switch the light on.



I would like you to read this article friends It really touched my soul

This was in the newspaper the Metro

(humans are the real vermin )

Some of your readers are confused about which animals are defined as vermin
(Metro Fri) In fact, it is not an official term. I am old enough to remember
Anglers describing otters as vermin and up until the 1930s, foresters and gamekeepers
massacred red squirrels as vermin.

 The reason it is an offence to release captured gray squirrels into the wild is not because
they are vermin but because they included among 48 non- indigenous wild creatures 
and plants in Schedule 9 of the wildlife and Countryside Act1981
The list includes Mandarin ducks, white-tailed eagles, golden pheasants,
terrapins, and Japanese Knotweed.

 Surely it’s us that are true vermin. Humans are the most destructive species on the plant.
We torture animals and birds every year and even launch wars on our own species.
We torture animals for entertainment, decimate the world’s forests, pollute the sea with oil,
the land with rubbish and the air with smoke. We are the only species that threatens the very existence of this planet. 


John Bryant Kent



Thank you

I had to go into hospital for a small operation nothing to worry about , I can tell you I was not looking forward to this, but in life these things have to be sorted, I want to thank each and all who sent me and are still sending me healing thoughts, thank you 

 Just thought you would like to know all went well, I thank spirit for their love always.

One thing, before the operation I asked spirit that I could go there while I was out, to visit the realms of spirit, and meet up with love ones, then when the operation was over I would come back into my body.

 Well I did not remember anything, they prepped me, placed a mask over my face, told me to take a couple of breaths and that was all I could remember, when I came to, the first thing I remember seeing was flashings of blue, then green, when I became conscious I could see they were nurses and surgeons moving around in blue and green uniforms.


Well why did I not go to the spirit world for a visit….?

Or did I….?   Who knows ……..


I can tell you that the light of spirit looks after you

I’m well and recovering and still serving God the light of spirit

Life moves on

Life moves on, as we all do from one frame of life to the next
As we are reunited within the spirit realms when life of the physical ebbs way

We went to the funeral of Lou’s and this was a very moving service. Meeting the family and grandchildren and others, also those who had come from the flats where we lived. Lou was loved by all, this was shown by those who attended the service, and Lou will be missed for sure.

 After the service we were all invited to the café which is part of the crematorium which was hired out to the family, so everyone gathered together, telling stories about Lou within her life. Which was great for everyone had something to say?

 But spirit is wonderful the stories that each and everyone was remembering about Lou made people laugh or cry, or had a tear roll down their cheeks, they were talking about Maureen how the two of them were always close in life, and Bill her Husband now once again together how lovely, reunited in the realms of spirit 

Talking to Michael Lou’s son, was moving reminiscing through the life of his mother, one such instant was memories of a place we (meaning Lou and Maureen and me,) went to Lou’s caravan down in Devon. There where all different birds like pink flamingos, Macros parrots in huge cages  within this complex, peacocks with their feathers shaped in vision of rainbow  which walk about so free everywhere , not a care in the world.  There were ponds of water with fish within coir carp.All different sizes and colour, the one thing which touched my mind was, us all  looking up at this huge tree with a barrel secured to it and a ladder made out of planks of wood nailed to it leading to the barrel

 Then to my astonishment there was this Parrot living there not tethered, free, moving around and flying from branch to branch what I could not believe what I was seeing, Lou said he lives there in the tree, funny how things jog one’s memory

 Many other thoughts passed through my mind at this time, but we are thinking of the family this time of sorrow, may healing light embrace them all along their path of life.    

Lou Passed away to the realms of spirit light

On Friday 7 May I’m sorry to say Lou Richardson passed away, Lou was moved from the Royal Free Hospital, after along stay in there, which was not pleasant, at last she was transfer to the Hospice it was, during in that day Lou slipped away, to the spirit world, our thoughts go out to her family and friends May the light of God be with you Lou

Same Hospice where M passed away?

Reunited with family and friends, give M my love

Healing thoughts for Lou

I find it strange and wonderful the way spirit works; let’s just tell you all, M’s anniversary 14 Feb.  A year has gone by so quick we can’t believe it. So about 14 of us went out to celebrate her life, Lou was one of those people, and she said that Maureen and she were always talking to each other, Through the day and night, so M from the realms of spirit still showing her love.

Lou and Maureen were like Mother and daughter, that’s how close they where, Lou even came on holiday with us both. Even when M was so very ill she would still try and help Lou, with shopping or bills to pay so much love from a soul that gave and took nothing in return, we miss M, all of us

I thought how lovely that is,

 The night was a moving experience to all of us; with our own memories of M tears were flowing, laughter to, happiness for M in the light of spirit. 

Well I found out in March that Lou was taken into hospital, and that she has cancer in three places just like M and in the lung like M also Lou is diabetic same as M just like a mirror image of M, so I went to see Lou

 What are you doing in this place I said,  Lou told me her condition I was shocked but stayed calm, I tried to lighten the mood with joking about, it  help a little, then Lou said M came to her room in the hospital, and smiled at her, and then Lou said I’m not coming yet. M smiled and turned around walk out of the room

 How lovely is that?

 I stayed awhile then said I see you soon Lou.

 Well a few days later I went to see Lou in hospital again,

 Lou is very bad, she did not recognise me, I stayed with her for short while, stroking her hair with my hand, and sending thoughts of healing love. When I told her that those from spirit her husband, mother, and father, and sister with others also M is waiting for you. Lou I said let yourself go don't hold on to this world, for  the world of light awaits there for you, there is so much love emanating from spirit waiting

She did not respond physically but I'm sure spiritually, that this was received.

We are sending healing thoughts for Lou please light a candle for her and those who are entering the world of light.


Hi everyone, feeling a lot better, thank you for your healing thoughts, my back is improving  bless you

I have noticed  on some of the pictures I have taken at different churches, some have of orbs and others don't, which I found very interesting. That tells me that it depends on the energies within the service, and my intunement to the high vibration of spirit.

These pictures are now getting stronger with these orbs of spirit, I like to think that the blue energies which shows as an orb is my wife, but I am not sure, it would be nice, well never mind, It's nice to see these balls of spirit souls around those who have so much love for their loved ones who passed to the realms of spirit knowing that they are not alone.

To show these to those who are here upon the earth plane is lovely. Bless the light of spirits love always, I will continue to place these pictures on the website, if people would like.

There are a few people that don't want their picture taken and placed on the website, and I abide with their wishes, which is a shame because when I checked one such picture there was an orb between three ladys, shame I could not show you this one never mind ...  ( I like to think this souls love was felt ) 

Well friends have a happy Easter. 

Quasimodo rings the bell


Well I have put my back out when I was at work, last week. It must be age creeping up on me, picking up a double ladder on my own, with one hand, the other one carrying bits and pieces for the repair of a blind in the classroom. Yes I work within a school collage in Finchley rd NW3,

 I was in a lot of pain, and ended up at the hospital A & E dept, a place which needs to be experienced to be believed, take a book you will probably finish it before you are seen to. Eventually I was called  after been check over, and was there for a few hours, good thing is my daughter who works there, was by my side, how lovely, for a poor old man like me, bent over shuffling along, just like Quasimodo Modo it’s the bells!!!

 Well enough of my pain, but what hit me was the thought of my Wife who is in spirit within the world of light, when I got home, we have many stairs to climb, and I found it very painful to climb, it took a lot of energy to reach to the summit like climbing a mountain. The pain that my wife went through was unbelievable, yet she would not give up, every step which Maureen was taking up those steps puts me to shame, M would not sit on her bum to go up the steps she would walk with support of me behind her or Richard and others,  clinging to the rails each side of the stairs, Carolyn was there at the top of the landing, ready with a blue tablet for M to take for her breathing

  I was going to take down the rail on one side of stairs after M passed away but left them up, thank god I did it helped me for support!

 Pain can be terrible, but pain of cancer is unbearable which M had.

In your mind, send out your thoughts of healing, for those who are passing to world of light. Your light is seen God never forgets!   



I would like to tell you friends, what’s been happing lately; I have taken my camera to the different churches that I serve. So I can place the photos on the website, I did ask at the churches if this was ok, and they said of course you can, so after taken some pictures, after the service I placed them on the laptop to have a look and believe me.. There were orbs on the photos, incredible.

  I thank spirit for these images


Someone said to me it’s your camera, so I used another camera at the church, what you think happened  yes you guessed  more orbs appeared,  so the next time, I used both cameras, and the light of spirit showed up on both cameras, spirits love truly flowed ……

 Saturday 27th We had  private readings which went very well, again the light of spirit gave much uplifting emotions to those who booked readings.

 But before the readings I had to arrange everything I  put the table and chairs out, burnt some incense, Oslo was Playing some soft music, so I decided to take two ,or three photos of my rooms in my flat,

 What a lovely surprise  when I looked at the pictures there was an orb in the passageway on the floor,  (which is on the photo page of website  check it out)


Now I have ask spirit, if peoples faces will appear, later on withiin the orbs 

keep praying friends you never know …..?

Spirits love of a grandmother


Is not spirit right always to me they are ?...
I trust in them for through them, the messages of love flow, to those who need them bless them from the light of love.

I would like to tell you about the meting, At St Albans, just a small part of this evening. I was passing on a message from the light of spirit, to a young girl who grandmother came through with some lovely evidence.

 But some time within this conversation the Granma said to Nadia to check the smoke fire alarm it’s not working, and this Gran was worried about this situation, Nadia said she had checked the alarm that morning to me and it was ok, well this lady was still telling me about the fire alarm, so I said to Nadia just take another look when you get home.


After her message spirit went on to other people within the congregation, we had a lovely service, with the energy of love that flowed from the world of spirit.

Now I received an e-mail from Nadia ….

Well let me show you, I asked Nadia if I could place these e- mails on the site she said yes.

I would like to share them with you



Hello dear David:

 My name is Nadia and I was in St Albans church tonight. I was one the
 lucky ones to receive a message with your help. I must admit I really
 enjoyed this evening I was also the first one to come and ask you
 about the author after the service. I must admit something has got me
 a bit concerned, which normally is not the case, so I wanted to write
you. You mentioned smoke alarms - the fact that I should check them. I
 got home and checked them, and both seem to be working. Is that
 something I should be worried about? Why would I need to hear it?

  Sorry as I might be overanalysing, but I just got a bit concerned.

  Again, thank you so much.

 Lastly, where are you based if I wanted to get a private reading with

 you at a later date?



David Chapman


If all is OK with smoke alarms that’s good, there just looking after you,

My dear

 So this doesn't necessarily mean that something is going to happen, does  it?

  Again, thank you.



David Chapman


No my dear, you are looked after with lots of love from the spirit world and always will be  x


 Love and light David x



Dear David:


They are always right! Guess what? Today, I was passing through my

corridor and happen to look at the smoke alarm. I checked it the other

day, but decided to test again today anyways. To my biggest surprise it

didn't work - it was off as the battery has died! I am so happy I

checked. I thought of the massage you gave me a couple of weeks ago,

and all I could think of this morning was "Thank you" to you and my




John Morrison passes on

John Passes to the realms of spirit love and light, he will be missed by all his family and friends. He understood about the energies of healing and through that vibration received much healing, but God calls us when it’s time for us to journey back home.

Our thoughts go out to those who have to pick up the pieces of life
God be with you at this time of sadness

John Morrison

I would like to tell you about John Morrison , a man who is fighting cancer, and is receiving healing from a spiritual healer a lady of love I think her name is Mary  , and also he is receiving absent healing from others. Plus John is having treatment from the hospital.  The power of God the light of spirit, shows us this love through our Healing band,

 And through John’s fighting spirit he is getting stronger. He had five Areas within his body which were cancerous, and was not given much chance of pulling through. I have heard that three of the tumours have disappeared the other two are shrinking, this is good news, but I’m still asking everyone to continue sending their healing thoughts

I have seen and also experienced those vibrations of love and know it works,


Gods will, will be when we are called not before

Send healing thoughts


I was at Acton church on Wednesday 6 Jan, out in that horrendous weather.  Doing the work of spirit, in love, there was not many people there because of the snow and ice, but we had a lovely service I thank the light of spirit for their love always.

 Why I’m writing about this event is Elaine who is President of Acton church, is in hospital, after having a heart attack. I’m asking you all to send healing thoughts out towards her bless you. 

 I was told that Elaine had pains within her chest for two or three days, in the end Elaine got in her car and went to the hospital, where after test was  told she was having  heart attack, and immediately was rushed to Hammersmith Hospital. Where a stent was inserted within, and may need another, send out for the family to give them strength and healing, for it is needed at this time.


Elaine is now recovering God’s light be with her at this time


Angels with wings descend to day
In shedding there healing rays
Where love descends
In helping those that pray     

Thank you for your comments on the site I’m glad you like the format xx


Well the new year is upon us and I'm looking forward to continuing the work of love
In helping others, through the love of spirit, Last year was a testing time in life, the lost of my Wife,
 and  also my Uncle,  Spirit help us along our path, lifting us up.

So much joy and love comes from spirit  but sometimes we are blurred to this vision,
When people come up to me after a service and tell me what a good service, and thanking me.

I think of the love of all those in realms of spirit who work with me  Blessing always to the light of love

People have seen my wife and other energies  around me when working for spirit 

How lovely 


I would like to thank all the people from of all of the Churches,
That has allowed me humbly to work with the love of spirit.
Throughout this year in helping others to embrace their love ones
Who have moved to a high vibration in the realms of spiritual love?

With words of comfort, in knowing that life continues.


We are loved from one realm to the next,
Love is bonding and binding
Which cannot be broken?

My guides and I look forward to next year when the work of love continues 


 Spirit showers  us with so much love and light, where healing unfolds.  We send out our thoughts for others, and rays of God's love descends.

Take this episode of love  I was asked to send healing thoughts for someone  who is close  like family,  for her daughter who had a lump around the lower part of the spine which the hospital could not take a sample of  because it was to dangers,  so I asked many of the churches I visited, to place Shoulana  within their   healing book. I like to thank each and all for there healing thoughts.

Well Then I received a phone call on Monday to asked if I would go  the the Hospital to  give Shoulana healing  so I said yes I would on wed  and Neille the mother of  Shoulanahen said bless you  Neille said she would pick me up 6.30pm,  when Neille picked me  up she said it's gone it's gone thanks be to God.

The lump had disappear the work of spirit is loving and healing, I still went to the hospital and spirits healing rays emerged in rays of colors to this lovely I was used as a channel.

Now miracle or not what matters is your thoughts of healing love  which work?

So please continue sending your healing thoughts

M was loved

I was walking along Fichley Rd , heading home after shopping,  when the owner from the restaurant which was called Passage to India. Was out cleaning the window, came over to me and said that there was a lady who had a meal with a friend happen to ask, how Maureen was  so I told her that I'm sorry to say Maureen passed away, in February , She was shocked and was very upset. so asked if they come in again I will give you my e-mail address, so that they can reply.


Dear David

 I have only this week heard about Maureen’s passing to spirit.


My partner and I were staying in the Langhor hotel when he suggested we have a meal at a lovely little Indian restaurant on the Finchley road, which of course turned out to be ‘The Passage to India’. The waiter remembered me and of course I asked if he had heard any news of yourself and Maureen!

 David, my heart goes out to you and I am so very sorry that I didn’t get to see Maureen before she passed to spirit.

Maureen, in my eyes, was the ‘mother of all mothers’ and kept me and everyone else at Rochester under her protective wing. You were both there for me at a most difficult time in my life and that is something for which I shall always be grateful. These past few days I have sensed Maureen presence around me just as I did over a month ago (when did Maureen pass David?) and my goodness is she strong! It’s strange David but despite Maureen obvious ability as a medium she was always reluctant to do platform work. But not anymore, she will now be working so strongly through you David and I sense that from now on you are going to be a very busy man indeed! How blessed you are to hold your wife so closely in your auric field.

 I have moved to a house a few miles outside Norwich city and Elena is at Edinburgh University studying ‘Politics and International Studies’. David is still living with his Dad in Suffolk and has done exceedingly well in his GCE exams. Both the children have vivid memories of Maureen and were quite shocked sad when I informed them of her passing. I don’t know when I shall be down in London again but I would dearly love to attend a service at Rochester to honour Maureen and hopefully, have an opportunity to have a chat with you David.

 If you are ever working in the churches up this way please know that you will always have a place to stay should you need one.


Blessings to You and Maureen

Love Rosenda

 At this moment in time I am terribly upset as the Temple no longer wishes for me
to be a part of the establishment even though I have been here for many years.
I have also been healing within the Temple and was Healing leader as well  with
a lovely band of healers within this place of  energy of love. 

Now so much I have given becomes nothing, the one's that I'm sorry for
are the patients who come for the healing , and the guides and the band of healers
who come from the realms of spirit. To administer there love.

Once again this is out of my  hands, 

The real hurting point is I was informed by Andreas that I would be able to
continue healing in the Temple after the passing of Maureen to spirit
I was also asked to find a picture of M that would be displayed after the
redecoration of the Temple. And that the SNU organisation were going to place
a plaque up in the Temple under M's picture.

So I bought a frame and placed her picture within the frame, and I have taken this to
the Temple ( I was looking for a picture that would unite the two of them together
M and the Temple which I found after much searching 
Check out the picture of M in photo Gallery  ..... ?
I have now been informed that Andreas has said they are not going to hang a picture 
of  Maureen within the temple. 

Expelling me was hard for me to take within and I cried, but the work of spirit is love
and that's all I give I ask nothing in return. But this is not the  way to treat M who gave
all and everything to with energizing  love, helping many to understand the love of spirit,
or everyday life where problems arise within one's life. She would llisten to anyone's problems
and help others.What away to treat someone with so much to give to others, and ask nothing
in return for herself. Within the Temple Maureen's energy will always be,
no one can ever take that love or match it. 

Well M is missed by each and all, a void has been left within the earthly plane, the
Temple is changing with different energy flowing through  with many ideas
from those within. May they be the thoughts of keeping these doors open, for
others to find the light of god the spirit of life. and knowledge and wisdom, which embraces us 

  I thank each and all for there healing thoughts and love to Maureen when she was ill 
Now M is flying high in the realms of spirit helping others as M unfolds along her path
of light and love  

M from the light 

The world of spirit is light, with so much love
I have met up with all my family and some friends
In the realms of spirit all that one does in love 
Blends the energies of spirit  towards perfection .

I am around you all many of you have experienced my
presents Also the love which  has come from you all,
has and is still helping me along my pathway to more understanding of the world of spirit 

Jim was dressed as what he is North american Indian
was there waiting to help me over to the light, with my Grandmother and Father... I have been around home
moving things and making noises For dave to know
I'm around, he's been so busy with the work of spirit
Going to different churches, I was there to see him
working, at Hackbridge Two people saw me and after
the service relayed this to dave which was nice.

I am with you all always
May the light of spirit be the way forward to you all.

M's thoughts 

I am enjoying the love which emanates  from the realms of light, I am still with you all 
There are many who felt my energy, and have seen me within the hues of colours .

I have been to the park with the children, so many and there love embraces me, as wave of serenity 
And peace. So much Beauty in the vibration which forms 

Blessing to you all from the light of Spirit which dwell within you. 

From M 

Maureen would like to thank all that came to her service, and those who could not  make it. For her  Transition to the high life, Bless you all the energy was unbelievable.

The service was incredible It was nice to see so many faces, and the Temple full and people standing, how magical and moving so many souls of love gathering for me, I am touched deeply thank you all .
The colours where as a sea of flowing love blending thoughts ebbing from each of you,
blessing of the Great Spirit be with you all, along your Journey of  unfolding spirit  light and love. 

The Crematorium was just the same full and brimming as people stood around as there was no seats
So overwhelming, and Neilie with words of love spilled from the poem as they were spoken , they flow with meaning and love, as if they where floating  within in air.

Blessing to all I will be around Love Maureen  

On earth for my Transition it was raining  men I danced in your energy of love
In spirit it was raining Angels and Im enfolded in there light. 

Update  Feb  1  09

When one is like a roll a coaster it very hard to understand the way of the life of someone,
M is like this at the moment. But we still have her with us, and at home.
The virus has now gone, and we are trying to keep it that way.

There was a time when M was so bad we were waiting for spirit to come for Maureen,
But she has strength and will power to carry on  which is unbelievable and she  does not
won't to go home . ( I know the love you are all sending is helping,
through the healing rays of the light of God )

Me I thank God for letting me have this energy of love for awhile longer,
and  pray it will continue.

Healing is the way forward, so friends, may your light expanded with the rays of colour. 

Update  Jan  15  09

M is back in hospital, the infection seem to have pulled  her down, 
This is not good, well they have managed to get M temperature down 
and are giving Maureen antibiotics but she is not with it in her mind
We are praying for her to turn this around.

Update  Jan  20  09

M has turned the corner and fighting the virus within her chest
She has a goal to reach,for there is a holiday coming up by the coast 
M is looking forward to this, even though M is still not secure on her feet
Very wobbly like jelly but won't give in 
Please keep sending your thought's of love and healing I thank you all
God's light be with you all

Update  Jan 09

Well this is a new year, and we look forward to a better one in the understanding of God
where the healing thoughts emanate from with love. Gods light is with Maureen, she
is still managing with difficulty to walk around the flat with a stick. But as with this illness M
is finding it very hard too breathe, at night she can't sleep through the night.
Some times this can be freightening thank God for the little blue tablet,
which seems to help Maureen regulate her breathing.

So very weak a picture before my eyes with colour fading so sad see, but still M won't give in 
Even when she falls over, some how the strength is given to her to climb to her feet.
 From  the light of God, this is the strength and will power of Maureen.

We still need your thought of healing and love .
Bless you all for your healing love..
God's light be with you all  

Update  Dec  08

Maureen is very ,very weak as I speak. lost within her mind, this is so sad, M has come down with a bad chest infection and is now in the Hospice. fragile and finding it hard to breath, life is strange and can be very painful with the images of those fading before you 

She is trying to eat but that is now an effort and is looking like spirit is calling her home.
But M's  will is strong, the one thing that seems to bring her to some sort of life, is
a cigarette ? this I can't get my head around, free will I know we all have free will, is
that why there are wars and destruction all around  ?....  someone said  why not what
elese is there at this stage of life?

Well back to M the infection has cleared up with antibiotics which is the good news, but  two days on the infection is back and that is were we are now, M is receiving healing
through all who are sending and I thank you all, to those that come up to Hospice
giving their time and energy in healing I thank you too

Gods light is that which love is given may gods light continue to be given     

Update  Oct / Nov  08

We are still worried about Maureen, she has been very low in health, M strength is very weak.
Your preys are so welcomed thank you all.  Maureen is sleeping through the day, and some  times it becomes hard to wake her. She looks so peaceful and so serene, thanks to spirit and you wonderfully people for your love in healing. M is not in much pain at this time, 

Carolyn has been a  tremendous help with M, With especially giving her medication to her, also helping Maureen to find the strength to carry on within this earthly world. M is up and down at this moment M's breathing is erratic and more then worrying, and  frightening, some times I wonder what God has in store for us all, all I know is we tread the path of life unfolding the spirit inside throughout this life's up and downs. 

Update  sept / 08

M is up and down at this moment in time, we have still not moved from our home. Still waiting on the council for a move, we looked at a few places not very good is understatement to what we where offered 
so M is still climbing our steps and is out of breath by the time Maureen reaches the top step...
Breathing is not good at times very frightening 

The hospices had now given M a Nebulizersr which will be good, but there is no mask and lead?.. The nurse said they will bring one around for us tomorrow. Which thy did, but the wrong one, here we go again, help...

So M is still finding it difficult to walk some distance, and is now and again in a wheel chair. I often get a right hander from M, because I push the chair so fast.

I must thank you all for your love towards M your healing thoughts are working, I must tell you
on a Friday night around 3-4 pm  I was just coming out of sleep state when  with my eyes closed there was over Maureen a lovely shimmering rays of  blue  healing light, which formed around her neck
rising up around M's head this started to change showing  white within it, please continue sending .

Update Aug/28 sept 1/ 08

M is finding it hard to concentrate with her mind, sometimes it's as if M is staring in to space
and not listening to others. And yet other times she is so alert, I wonder some times why God lets one suffer so, the stair's are becoming an obstacle, which takes Maureen's breath away, 
it is like climbing Mount Everest. Also M's sugar level  is erratic, and Maureen is very weak on her legs, and finds this unsettling . But life goes on, and with the love all those who are sending healing thoughts, thank you each and everyone.

Well we managed to get away to Scotland ( Fort William ) we had a lovely time, my sister catered for us all, and the air in Scotland really helped Maureen with her breathing. But coming back on the plane Maureen becoming panicky with her breathing, so one of the cabin crew stayed with her and held her hand and gave M an ice pack to put on her neck. Becouse M was becaming  hot and bothered. I would like to thank all the staff who helped us through our journey. 

Update July 19/28  08

M had a hard time in the Hospice, M was so weak it was touch and go some of the time. Her strength was just leaving M but Maureen would not give in with  help of those who love her all  her friends, with  Carolyn buzzing around making sure that the tablets was given on time, and the right one's because the Nurse's did not know which tablets to give as some of them were stopped and new ones given. Within the first day or two, then things settled down.

Maureen was not eating first of all, this was a worry for us all as M lost a lot of weight, as the days went by, but Gods healing light and of those who are sending thank you for I know this love was received M started to get stronger and steady on her legs, M breathing still not too good. But we have her with us still thank God.

M made friends with one of the Patients name of Phillis, they seemed to bond which was nice.
As the time went by M was helping her new friend fetching this and getting that, some of times when one went to see M she was in the garden with Phillis,  and Carolyn. Laughing and joking 
which is good, also M  is ordering us around and waiting to come out  to get back to normal.

Well the time moves on, we now have M home with us, and with the new tablets she's eating us out of house and home, so I must leave you now folks I have to go down the road to replenish the fridge.

Please, Please continue sending out your loving healing for your thoughts are received.

Update June19  08

Maureen has come down with a cold, and is trying hard to overcome this setback. But  after a few days is now starting to pull M down and she should be in the Hospice, but
she will not go in, even the Nurse said M would be better of in hospital.
But Maureen's sticking her hills in. We can  only give M her medicine and  tablets
and nurture  her, we cant give M saline drip, or blood transfusion, or check
on M's heart, or produce an x-ray.  As the days go by, M is very unstable on her legs
and is having some unsteady movements, in trying to walk in a straight line. Her
breathing is not good as well, the Macmilan Nurse name liz has said to me you need to have some rest bite because my sleep patten is interrupted by lack of sleep . So they sent a Nurse for three nights from ten pm, seven am.  Her  name was Marget,  I would like to thank  the people involved in giving  me that restful few nights.

Days gone by now after speaking to the Nurse,  M has decided to go in the Hospice to have a  rest in the Hospice. Which will be the best place for her. Also for Carolyn who looks after M through the day the strain is there for all to see, because Maureen was not eating
and the loss of weight was upseting for her, moving on through the days now, date  23th June M's cold a lot better chest is clearing up but still a little wobbly on her feet. Thank you all who are sending out healing thoughts of love, please continue sending. For those who also come to give healing to M while she is in the Hospice THANK YOU may God bless you 

The light of the great spirit embrace this your  child M with the rays of healing 
Unfold the warmth of colour's vibrating  energy in the swelling mingling beauty that forms
As the Angels guard and protect  M as this beacon of light which is our love.


Update May/ June  08

Some good news, friends the Doctor has  changed the Tablet which has been repressing Maureen's appetite. And we have already seen an improvement in M  with her eating, and over these few days M is looking better. Please continue sending your healing thoughts.
Because the treatment has now stopped from the hospital, so it's just your healing thoughts, 
Which are given in love, we thank you all. God bless

M is still very weak on her legs, and is still having to rely on the  wheelchair for longer distances. But M is trying hard to overcome the difficulties that keep coming up in life
Her strength is in the love of all who are sending and with God.

Update April/ May  08

Well M is still fighting, but its very hard she's finding her energy being sapped.
and is very trying, but we are all helping to bring  M through this. We have just found out that the tablets M is taking at least one of the them is causing some concern, because its effecting her eating order. That's why Maureen is not eating her food, only picking at it, so they are going to change the medication, now they tell us after all this time? 

M weight was nine stone six about a month or two ago, is now eight- two , we don't want M to lose any more, so this new medication we hope will stop this situation. Please continue sending out your thoughts  of healing love. 

The cancer has not spread as I write and I thank God 
and the light for the angels of healing  two,

Their are so many people around her giving M strength to carry on, also healing from  friends  who come to our home.  Maureen has her up days, and down as well,
those days are sadden days  for us all. 

I thank all who are sending and the Churches who are praying with there haling prays. 

Update April  08

We went to the hospital to find out about the scan results, with anticipation and hoping
for some good news, M was very weak from all the Chemo treatment, so as we sat there
 the three of us waiting to be called we tried to keep a brave face on this situation.
We where called in and sat down Me, M and Carolyn. They told us
there will be know more treatment of Chemo, as there is no difference in the cancer's growth.
I was told off by the Doctor as I said M is not eating, only small amounts, she said to me
would you like to eat plastic ? then she explained the chemicals within her body
must pass through her system, and the taste of them chemicals Well ?
the Doctor told me maybe in two weeks or so M appetite should come back.

So my friends we are now asking for healing thoughts to be sent out at 10 pm as well as
through out the day   in the evening when the energy is the strongest for that is
the healing minute. No more treatment just your love, we go back
in six weeks for a chest x-ray

Update March  08

M is responding well to the chemo treatment, thou very tired the day treatment last from 10 am to sometimes six of seven in the evening. A very long day, I would like to thank Carolyn for the support of being with M through  these times  and moment's of not knowing if all is well. We keep praying as I know you all are, Maureen's has had four treatments of chemo and thank God no draw backs, one friday M had to have a blood transfusion ( that was an all day event )  she is very weak on her legs, and can't walk far so M has her chariot which we give her rides in and I don't even charge her for the shoe leather. Also M's level of magnesium was down, this had to be addressed which they corrected.

Now we reached the time of CT scan which will let us know more, we will keep you informed to the out come. Please continue sending out you healing thoughts  out friends.

M is now out of that bad situation, where she needed strength and energy to survive. But I'm afraid M is still not strong enough to walk far, and breathing is still out of sync, this is a hard time for us all, but M will not ever think of giving up the battle. So much more for M to do she said I have much more work to complete before I even consider anything to do with giving up on life or the church, she also said to me that before I go I want to go on holiday with you one more time or more than once with just myself and you.

Chemo 25th feb we were worried about M going in for treatment because of the reaction she had last time but thank GOD it all went fine we go in again next monday for more treatment so were asking each and everyone will send out healing thoughts, as I no that each and everyone of you are. We will keep you posted as things progress. 

Update Jan 17- 08

Sorry to say that M took a turn for the  worsed, with her breathing and found it very difficult to walk, and had to be hospitalized. We found out that M sugar level was very low just two points it should have been six or more, Your prayers are needed M is now in a hospice with all her friends visiting M uplifting her. 

Now moving on a few days M is allot better, thanks to your thoughts of love, M is stared to walk , they gave her a frame to use but after trying this decide that M would not use the frame, but have someone beside her when she walked.
Well I'm afraid that M is up and down with her health at this time.
I would like to thank all those who are sending healing thoughts at this time, and also the doctors and nurse's at the hospice who do such wonderful work.

M treatment at the moment has been halted will be a week or so before this will start again ( Gods light be with all who are sending out the healing ) 

Update Jan 08

We will call Maureen M

Well friends, M is still having treatment at the hospital. a battle we will all fight on with  M. At this moment , I would like to thank all that are sending out the healing thoughts of love, please keep this up , the more we pull together in this way the stronger M will get.

Well  we had  had a lovely Xmas and new year, thanks to Carolyn who invited us for the festive season, and looked after us both. as  M who had just come out of hospital, after a painful time, needed care and rest of which M had.

At this moment in time M is finding hard to climb the stairs, and walking up incline pavements with her breathing and is getting very tired. We will keep you informed as to the state of M  in a later  statement.

Gods light be with you all and thank you once again for the healing.

Update Dec 27 

Well as the this year comes to a end with, it's up and down's and, Maureen's fight to grow stronger. Through her illness, we thank each and all who are sending healing thoughts. To all our friends everywhere a happy new year.

We will keep you informed as the year 08 comes to the forefront  for our next step, along the path of Maureen's treatment 

Special thanks, from those who are close to Maureen especially Carolyn, who I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart. For I don't know how I would have managed without her support.

Update  November  19

Maureen was coming along nicely after having this new chemo treatment, the first dosage  within the session went well, even though Maureen was tired she was not sick. As one of the many side effects  would be that, and also drowsiness. The next session would be in three weeks time, which came within
a blink of an eye.

The second treatment was ten minutes in when all started to go wrong, Maureen went into a fit or spasm and stopped breathing, the doctors and nurses where rushing around. The crash team came flying in, hovering around Maureen and a nurse was calling her name, when thank god Maureen started to respond to the nurse who was gently tapping the side of her face, come back Maureen, come back.

I will call Maureen (M) so, M, was in hospital for a few days having scans and  also on oxygen to breath for the first day, M's scan on her head was all clear 
this was a great weight off our minds. I thank each and all for the healing thoughts you are all sending, please continue sending that love for M needs this energy at this time.

M will continue chemo but not the one that caused the anaphaliactic shock           ( allergic reaction)  so next Thursday may your thoughts be with M, from the light of spirit healing is needed

Update  November 

We have some good news , Maureen is now having Chemo treatment, and has no ill effect thank God and the clot has been removed from the lung.
And also Maureen's is out of Hospital, so now we take one step at a time "or should I say one day at a time". 
Please keep sending your healing thoughts out for Maureen. 

Maureen needs your prayers 

Friends, please continue to send your thoughts of healing out to those in need,
And I am asking you to send out for Maureen Chapman. 
At ten pm every evening.  As Maureen is not having any treatment  for her illness, for the Doctor would 
not go down the road of Chemo at this moment in time. They would like Maureen to have a better quality
of life as you know the drug Tarceva has not worked.

May the light and love of spirit continue with the Angels of healing 
Descending healing to those in need.

 Update  September  20

We have had a slight set back with Maureen's illness, which seems to knocked us for six. With the love of Spirit and the healing from everyone is helping to fight this cancer, Maureen was taken into hospital on the 20 Sept because she could not breath properly, she was put on oxygen, when examined was found to have a blood clot in her lung.  Most of us know what its like in hospital, it can be boring and draining.  But, this is the best place to be, when you are in need of medication and treatment. Through this week of uncertainty we waited for news from the doctors that the clot has dispersed, thank God,  We would like to thank each all the doctors and the nurse's for bringing Maureen through this crises,  Angels of healing were with Maureen as she does not remember Thursday or Friday and what was going on with her, was just a blank in her memory.

The power of healing from the light of God the Divine Spirit of love has given Maureen back to us all. 

Thank you 

For this light is needed in the Rochester Square Temple to glow and shows so much love to all 

Healing Thoughts

Bring to us Spirit of love 
The energy of nature as in a bud
To see and grow as the seed of life
To be embraced within that spirit  light 

As Angels protect with there glowing  love
Let healing be sprinkled from the realms above

 We thank our family and friends who hold Maureen close to there hearts for that love. Please keep sending your healing thoughts. 

Bless all of you 


David, I hope you and Maureen are both fine as we go through this earthly (and sometimes very dense!) vibration together. Hope to see you sometime soon. In the meantime here are two more sites that you may be interested in and to link into the web site.

 Both are physical mediumship and the second one is the new web site for the circle that Victor Zammit is involved with in Australia.

The first one is the successor to Noah's Ark and apparently the Zerdin fellowship will be hosting the Direct voice/Physical Medium David Thompson (the physical medium of the Silver Chord Circle) in October in England.

God Bless



Lyme Bay Holiday Village

Psychic weekend

A group of us had a lovely three day weekend at the end of January, when we went to Devon.   Which was organised by Derek Robinson from Wimbledon.   It was a Spiritual weekend there were lots of different activities and workshops to 
choose from. 

Spirit seemed to be helping us to get there as the train we wanted to get we missed, when we got to the station and it
was dark there was not any taxis that we could get and the station clerk thought that we had missed the bus but just as 
she said that the bus arrived. The bus driver was very helpful as he could tell that we did not no where we were going and although he was finished before the stop we needed to get off he said to stay on and he would drop us off which he did, 
right outside the holiday village.  We left our luggage at the reception and went to dinner and afterwards went to find our chalets in the dark, but again seemed to be lead the right way.

The workshops included things like Meditations, Past Life Regression, Indian Head Massage, Crystal Healing and Psychic Surgery.

David Chapman and several people went to a lovely meditation led by Jim from St Johns church in Finchley, it was lovely to see Jim and Polly there as Jim has been so ill.

Maureen Chapman had some psychic surgery and we went to spend some time In the Jacuzzi, which was lovely.

Each night we had a cabaret which was either a show or a comic. And after they played music and we all danced the night away.

David Chapman was doing some private readings and also a workshop plus one night he was one of the mediums who did the demonstration,   David was working with Margaret Hurdman and Ivan Lee.    Patrick Murray took part in a couple of the workshops and also ended up on the stage giving messages.


Angels are with each and everyone 
Look you will see, believe and you will Know
The feather's will fall 
When you are in need

Here's a website that I am sure you will all be interested in looking at. Fascinating stuff on this site about 
the manifestation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (so particularly relevant to the Temple!)

 Check out opening statement: My sensational materialisation experiences.

VICTOR ZAMMIT A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife 

Special evening 2006

Two great nights were held at the Temple on the 27th and 28th September that saw clairvoyance at it's finest and the Temple nearly packed to capacity.
Wednesday 27th we held a Mediums rally with Dave Chapman and friends. The fast paced mediumship of  Dave and friends was very entertaining and informative with great links and great humour from both sides of the veil leaving the audience wanting more at the end of a very enjoyable evening.

On Thursday 28th September we were priveleged to be chosen to be the first venue of 
a UK tour for Peter Doswell and Margaret Hurdman who were working together for
the first time. The balance of chemistry between them worked really well. Both have strong personalities. Their different ways of working complimented one another. The down to earth approach they give to their work was well appreciated by the audience. There was lots of humour, proving that Spirit works better with lightness and humour. There were also tears as the messages delivered precise evidence to the recipients. 
Both evenings proved real evidence of survival as messages were delivered from loved ones in the world of Spirit to families and relatives here waiting to hear from them.

An interesting experiment was tried out on the Thursday evening between Peter Doswell and Margaret Hurdman in the second half of 
the night as they shared the same link, this worked well and showed how comfortable they both were with working together.
An interesting book that Margaret Hurdman has written about her life experiences and how she became a working medium was on sale during the interval priced
at £6   the book is titled "Margaret the Person living a spirited life 
(ISBN 1-904440-52-5)" and Margaret was happy to sign the copies.

We look forward to many other evenings at the Temple where Dave Chapman, Peter Doswell and Margaret Hurdman will once again demonstrate their great
gift of mediumship.

David Manclark  


Maureen and I need your prayers please send out your healing thoughts
That the light of spirit will touch her with the wings of healing

Blessing to you all for your love

We thank you all for your healing
Because we know that the energy of love works

We are still asking for you all to place Maureen's name within the healing books from the different Churches, and centers of love
who are sending out healing thoughts 

First of all I would like to thank you all 
For the love you have and continue to send
Blessing of the great spirit be with you all

We have had a battle with this illness
we have had hard time and still are fighting  this blip in life

The cancer has not spread to any other part of the body
But is growing 

The tablet Tarceva has not worked
Please continue sending healing 
I thank you all  again from the bottom of heart

And to the light of spirit for always being there
Opening the door's for the treatment to commence
And giving Maureen the strength to go forward


         From all the souls of whom we know
          From all the churches of spiritual love
         We thank you for your continues healing

           BLESS YOU

                 Maureen & David Chapman


            I'm still waiting for your stories and poems
                                To place on the web site
                  For others to read (come on get writing)
















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